… the ventilation of Schuberth helmets can be adjusted to summer and winter positions?

Dear Schuberth friends,

in 2013 we´re going to post about interesting background information on Schuberth, our products and motorcycling in general on a regular basis.

According to the season, at least in central Europe, we`d like to start the new series “Did you know…?” with the winter option of our helmets. We know many of you are driving the motorcycle even during the winter season as long as the traffic conditions are good enough. And for this the ventilation of the Schuberth helmets C3 Pro, C3 and S2 can also be adjusted to suit the colder season.

Please take a look to the front part of the crown liner and you’ll discover fabric flaps behind the front section.


In the colder season you can reduce the volume of incoming cold air, or divert it, by covering the ventilation channels with the flaps of the crown liner.


By doing this little trick you can use the top ventilation even during the winter without having the cold air flow directly onto your head.

In addition to this we recommend wearing safety vest during the dark season for higher visibility. Have a safe trip!

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