…that Schuberth uses it´s own testing facility ?

While already in development and pre-series our helmets are thoroughly tested in our own certified testing facility. In serial production we also pick control samples on a daily basis.

SR1 pretests

Test laboratory

At the test lab we have 5 different test rigs to test for different certifications as ECE (Europe), DOT (USA), or SNEEL and FIA norm (racing). Part of the test programm is dropping the helmets on different shaped anvils from different heights. Besides the shock absorption capabilities all movable parts are tested for durability.

Anvil_test SR1

Not only our Motorcycle helmets are tested in our facility, but it also allows to test our other products such as Firefighter, Police and Work protection helmets. And one promise is the same no matter which helmet is tested: It´s not enough to meet the values from regulations and norms, we want to stay on top of them!


FW-Engulfment_test II

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