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Shooting the SR1-Movie at the IDM

Last weekend at the last IDM-Race we attended Stefan Nebel and the KTM-Team to shoot some real Superbike-Racing-footage.

unloading the bikes

The footage is part of many videos and interviews and will be introduced on our new website, which will launch in following months.


Especially the 3 on-board cameras produced really amazing pictures !

Front cameras

Till then we wanted to give you an impression of two interesting days behind the scenes with this foto-set starring Stefan Nebel, Arie Voss and Filip Backlund !


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We´re very exited to have Stefan Nebel and Werner Daemen on board as our official Test-Drivers for the new SR1: We are convinced that the new partnerships will provide us with additional impetus for the development of our helmets. Both riders will work closely together with our engineers.

Stefan Nebel, KTM Superbike Team Germany, was made aware of the new Schuberth Supersports helmet by his friend and Schuberth development partner Michael Schumacher. Stefan Nebel is IDM Superbike Champion of 2003 and 2005 and Vice Champion of 2009.

Stefan Nebel, Test-Driving the SR1

Stefan did visit us 3 weeks ago and discussed the helmet features with our Head of Engineering, Motorcycle. Of course we had to make him wear his racing suit for some pictures !

Stefan Nebel and our Head of Engineering, Motorcycle_2

With the belgian Werner Daemen, Alpha Technik Van Zon Kraftwerk BMW racing team, we had the chance to strengthen an old friendship between him and our sales director and fellow compatriot Erwin Van Hoof.

„Schuberth is a strong brand in the Benelux region and privately, I have been using Schuberth helmets on touring rides for years. To compete in professional sports with Schuberth was never a question of consideration but only a matter of availability of the relevant sports helmet. I am pleased, that the collaboration now starts“, says Daemen. Werner Daemen is the IDM Superbike Vice Champion 2010

Werner Daemen, Test-Driver

He also visited the factory and we took the chance to shoot some photos of him taking his shell right out of the composite press.

Through our test-rider concept, we continue a business philosophy, which is already successfully implemented in Formula 1 since the year 2000. The ten-year development partnership with Michael Schumacher, in particular, still provides the Schuberth engineers important information for the continuous optimisation.

Stefan will visit us again next week getting his final design.
Stefan Nebel in Valencia with SR1

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