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Andy Sills, Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills and his partner Erin Hunter are the land speed racing duo of Hunter Sills Racing. At this year’s International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the duo swept 5 land speed records atop their BMW S1000RR. This was their first time outfitted in Schuberth SR1s at this event. Want to know what some of the fastest riders in the world think of Schuberth’s masterpiece helmet?

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“When you race a motorcycle over 200 miles per hour with your life partner, you want them protected by nothing but the absolute best – that’s why we chose the Schuberth SR1 for the 2013 race season.”

Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills Preps Erin Hunter for Her Run

The SR1 Experience at 200+ Miles an Hour

The Schuberth SR1 is like no other. It is a significant advancement in that tool which is the most critical component to my ride after the machine itself… that is, my helmet.  The ‘fit and finish” of the SR1 defines the standard by which all others will be judged.  The design, materials and construction of the SR1 have no equal.  The aerodynamic attributes are near perfection.  The physical fit on the rider’s head is indeed perfection…  The SR1 holds your head truly still with no slippage or movement regardless of your position in the air stream… it holds steadfastly steady, stable, neutral and this helmet nearly disappears from your awareness. The view and vision are natural, wide open and so crystal clear and distortion free that the windscreen likewise seems to disappear from your perception. This helmet leverages critical head position inspiring a command center presence in the hi-tech cockpit of my BMW SR1000 or K1300.

Andy Sills Ready to Race the BMW S1000RR

I have ridden in the SR1 now as my only helmet for the past six months. Over two different weeks during August at the SCTA’s ‘Speedweek’ as well as the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials, clad in the SR1 I made a dozen 220+mph passes over the 6 mile ‘long course’ at the Bonneville salt flats. Team Hunter Sills / San Diego BMW Motorcycles garnered two FIM World Records and three AMA National Records including a BMW Data Recorder (GPS) measured top speed of 236 mph (naturally aspirated) while achieving a 227 mph FIM certified average speed over the measured mile. The Schubert SR1 was my perfect command center. The SR1 became my ‘private world’, tucked in precisely positioned behind the aerodynamic foil shaped by our Catalyst Composites fairing – peaking just a quarter panel above the wind screen. Imagine: dead calm, no movement, no pressure, no lift… from my riders point of view, the SR1 remains virtually transparent to the ride.  The SR1 is the perfect final component in your quest for truth and peace in speed.  See photos of the SR1 in action at the Hunter Sills Facebook page. You’ll get the picture.

Andy Sills in aerodynamic position

Andy Sills Tucks in for Maximum Aerodynamics

More importantly in the past 4 months I have also put on an additional 8,000 miles of high speed, high desert, high plains real world back roads pleasure ripping across the country in my Schuberth SR1. The SR1 helmet leverages the rest of my riding gear with a commanding, serious, confident presence.  It holds my head in a firm nevertheless seemingly invisible grip such that my view thru the screen is like an extension of my naturally balanced head (over the course of a couple of thousand miles the SR1 molded to my head such that there are no pressure or hot spots, just an even, positive connection). The perspective from the SR1 is comprehensive but focused. Home is where your head is… welcome home to the Schuberth SR1.

Hunter Sills Racing Celebrating 5 New World Land Speed Records



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The motorsport season 2012 has ended and on many small and not so small occasions we at Schuberth had the luck to be a part of it. The 2012 season has been a very exciting and emotional one for us. Living legends, celebrated stars and surprising newcomers – they´ve all been there. And we´d like to say thank you to all our Schuberth-Riders for all these great achievements and want to present some of them in this special review.

Stoffel Vandoorne
A real impressive performance came from our Belgian driver Stoffel Vandoorne. He won the Euroseries Formula Renault 2.0 championship with 10 points difference. Ever since the World Series has been the talent pool for upcoming Formula-1 stars and we´re looking forward to see much more of this talented young man.

Stoffel Vandoorne Race 2 @ Hungaroring 2012

Bruno Spengler
Another championship won by a Schuberth-Driver: The DTM, the most challenging touring car championship, won by Franco-Canadian Bruno Spengler. Many times did he prove he could be the first crossing the finish line – since 2005 he runs in one of the most advanced touring series worldwide and finished as runner-up in two seasons. But not many would have bet on the championship in the first year after the return of the BMW-team ! Well done Bruno


Erwan Nigon
Just in 2011 did Schuberth start to supply professional motorcycle racer with it´s SR1 helmet. All the more we are excited that our French Schuberth-Rider Erwan Nigon did succeed in the International German Motorcycle championship (IDM). Whoever had the luck to meet Erwan in person and experience this humble and polite person was astonished how much eagerness and dedication he could show on the track. We just can´t wait for the next season with Erwan as our top Schuberth motorcycle rider.


It took us a little bit by surprise when we received the news of winning the Endurance Superstock Worldchampionship with the penz13-team. Second year in motorcycle racing and already a World Champion! Congratulations to Rico Penzkofer and his team penz13 with Pedro Vallcaneras (E), Michal Filla (CZ), Gregory Vastre (B) and Arie Vos (NL). Moreover we take our hat off to Rico participating in two of the most challenging motorcycle races in the world: The Isle of Man Tourist Trophy and his goodbye race at Macau, where this picture was taken – close call!

Nico Hülkenberg
Back to Formula 1: An impressive season by Nico Hülkenberg. With his team Sahara Force India he did not only deliver continuously good results, but also achieved some very respectable standings. We´re happy for him that his performance brought him to a regular cockpit in the promising Sauber F1 Team. This foto has been taken when he visited us at Schuberth for customizing his new SF1 helmet.


Fernando Alonso
The international press did already say anything that can be said about this spectacular Formula 1 season and it´s highlight race at Interlagos. And we know that a top performer like Fernando can only be mildly happy about a second place. Obviously we hoped for another title for Ferrari – but now we like to congratulate Fernando for his unbelievable spirit and fight shown till the last lap of the last race. For us you are the most inspiring Formula 1 driver.

GP CINA F1/2012

Michael Schumacher
Last but not least we´d like to honor our friend Michael Schumacher. Since 11 years we work together very closely. Many developments and innovations have their origin in his pursuit of perfection. Most of our achievements were really his achievements: we could celebrate 4 out of 7 World Championships with him. We take off our hat – or more precisely our helmet – to honor this outstanding athlete. Michael, we´ll miss you on the track. But at the same time we´re happy that we can still continue to profit of your experience and your knowledge now that you ended your professional career – looking forward!

MS Platinum_07

The Pit Crews
Without them: no wheel would be turning: the Pit Crews. Representing all the Pit Crews in all the series we´d like to thank you all with this picture choosen from the Scuderia Ferrari Pit Crew.

2012 Singapore Grand Prix - Sunday

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SR1 – A true world champion

The “Grande Finale” of this year’s FIM Endurance World Championship – the 24-hour endurance race at the legendary Le Mans racetrack – places huge demands not only on man and machine, but also on the rider’s main piece of protective gear, his helmet!

This year the world title in the Superstock class went to the Penz13 Kraftwerk team of Rico Penzkofer with SR1 riders Arie Vos and Pedro Vallcaneras.

While the motorbikes were being put through their paces, the SR1 was going through an endurance test of its own.

Arie Vos: “Over such long race distances, it is absolutely essential that the helmet’s inner lining functions perfectly. The SR1’s lining guarantees a cool head, whatever the conditions. I hardly ever had the feeling that my head was sweating.”

An excellent second place on the podium went to Michael Bartholemy’s team, BMW Motorrad France, with featured rider Erwan Nigon. After a nerve-tingling race, the team finished second in the overall classification.

Erwan Nigon: “A 24-hour race places huge demands on the body, and especially on the neck muscles, which get strained by the wind pressure. The fantastic performance characteristics of the SR1 allow the helmet to remain stable in the wind, which takes the pressure off your neck. The ventilation also helped me to keep a cool head at all times.”

Next weekend Erwan Nigon will be at the Hockenheimring fighting for the IDM Superbike title. Once again he will be out to showcase his extraordinary talent and will be hoping to repay all the hard work put in by the Alpha Technik Van Zon BMW team of Werner Daemen by winning the title. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you, Erwan!

Le Mans_2012_FIM_Endurance_Arie_Vos_6

Le Mans_2012_FIM_Endurance_Arie_Vos_8

Le Mans_2012_FIM_Endurance_Erwan_Nigon

Le Mans_2012_FIM_Endurance

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Last weekend, the 8 Hours of Doha, representing Round 2 of the FIM Endurance World Championship, took place under extremely harsh climatic conditions in Qatar. In spite of temperatures of up to 50 °C, our SR1 test rider Erwan Nigon succeeded in winning the race in grand style with his BMW Motorrad France team and gaining valuable championship points.

With spectacular lap times over a second faster than those of the competition, Erwan Nigon and his team set a virtually unattainable benchmark. In the end, the time keeping indicated that the team was ahead of the remaining field by three laps.

Under the extreme temperature conditions, the SR1 was able to display its outstanding ventilation characteristics to full effect, delivering over 12 litres of fresh air per second. Endurance test passed!

Schuberth test rider Erwan Nigon left Doha immediately after the race in order to prepare for the upcoming IDM race at the traditional track of the Nürburgring. The Frenchman had already succeeded in playing his cards right at the last race in Oschersleben, making it onto the podium twice in succession.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you, Erwan.


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The 2012 motor sport season is well underway all over Europe. We have expanded our involvement in professional racing further throughout Europe and into the United States. We recently launched our SR1 race helmet and have taken our first steps in the professional motorcycle racing arena.

This year, we are pleased to have recruited the experienced Honda factory rider Arne Tode as a new test rider for Schuberth in the IDM. Rico Penzkofer (Team Penz13) has also joined our team as an official test rider. He will start in the IDM and will also compete in the Isle of Man TT (25 May to 8 June), possibly the most gruelling street race in the world. We are already looking forward to the first pictures from this spectacle on 2 wheels.

Arne Tode @ Oschersleben 2012

Stefan Nebel, KTM factory rider and Schuberth test rider since 2011, will take the SR1 onto US soil for the first time; his U.S. debut will be in the highest level American motorcycle division, AMA Pro Superbike. Best of luck, Stefan!

Stefan Nebel @ Infineon Raceway

We are particularly pleased about the success of our French SR1 rider Erwan Nigon, who is racing in the IDM for the first time with BMW and has managed to finish in first place twice already. Toutes nos félicitations, Erwan!

Erwan Nigon @ Oschersleben 2012

All in all, 23 SR1 riders are going to the start in countries throughout Europe, including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and Ireland.

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