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Yesterday our CEO Marcel Lejeune and our race-mechanic Sven Krieter made a visit at the final DTM-race in Shanghai

Unfortunately Bruno Spengler, who had the lead till this race had an accident in Qualifying, missing his chance to win the title – congratulations to Paul DiResta for his title.

Because of the first race in Shanghai, China we brought Schuberth-Logo in chinese letters to our chinese driver Congfu “Frankie” Cheng. Frankie was in his first DTM-season started at Hockenheim 2010 and has a Schuberth-helmet since August – Good Luck for 2011 Frankie !

DTM-Finale Shanghai 042

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Formula-1 Results Singapore

1. Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari, Schuberth – 25 pts.

2. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Arai – 18pts.

3. Marc Webber, Red Bull, Arai – 15 pts.

Congratulations to all and especially to our Fernando Alonso – again we´re proud to be part of the team.

And a special congratulations to our 6th driver Nich Heidfeld for his first race in 2010, although he had bad luck…we wish you all the luck for the upcoming races: Nick´s new helmet:



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Formula-1 results Shanghai

1. Jenson Button, McLaren-Mercedes, Bell- 25 pts.

2. Lewis Hamilton, McLaren-Mercedes, Arai – 18pts.

3. Nico Rosberg, Mercedes GP, Schuberth – 15 pts.

Congratulations to all – I hope everybody finds a way back to europe – especially our 2 Schuberth-mechanics, who are also stuck in China – as no flights arrive at Germany right now.

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