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The First High Speed Flip-Up Helmet with Internal Antenna

Schuberth C3 PROAerodynamics – Rear spoiler adds 8% additional downforce for greater stability at higher speeds

Aeroacoustics – Reduced noise measured at 82 dba – Schuberth’s quietest flip-up helmet ever

Ventilation – New vent scoop increases airflow to over 8 liters per second

Comfort – New plush liner materials enhance comfort and fit

Communications – Internal dual band antenna improves SRCS wireless connectivity

Light, quiet, compact – these features have characterized the Schuberth C3 flip-up helmet for years. Now Schuberth is presenting a completely updated premium partner to the base model C3 – the C3 PRO. The C3 PRO features a molded rear spoiler developed in the Schuberth wind tunnel for minimizing buffeting at higher speed riding. The internal antenna and Bluetooth® receiver enhance the communication range up to 700 meters and FM radio reception for the Schuberth Rider Communication System. The refined inner lining offers a plush, comfortable fit. The new vent scoop boosts airflow through the helmet to over 8 liters of air per second at 100 km/h. With a wind tunnel tested sound rating of just 82 dB(A), the C3 PRO is the quietest Schuberth helmet ever. The C3 PRO (and female fit C3 PRO WOMEN) flip-up helmet features over 20 additional enhancements and will be available this spring.

Based on additional research, the C3 PRO WOMEN is specially fitted for a woman’s facial structure, featuring a special contour and materials in the cheek pads to better fit a woman’s higher cheek bones,  narrower jaw and smaller facial features.

Schuberth Rider Communication System for the C3 PRO
The easy-to-install, fully integrated Schuberth Rider Communication System (SRCS C3 PRO) plugs into the C3 PRO’s internal antenna for improved FM radio reception and pairing distance of up to 700 meters.

(Note: The SRCS C3 will fit into the C3 PRO and will function normally, but since it does not plug into the helmet’s antenna, it will not offer the improved reception that can be expected from the new SRCS C3 PRO.  The SRCS C3 PRO does not offer backward compatibility to the C3.  While it will physically fit, there is no internal antenna, so Bluetooth connectivity and radio reception are not possible.)

Schuberth C3 PRO Colors


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Schuberth fans were excited to see the representatives from the North American office on-hand at the annual BMW Rally in Redmond, Oregon. Over 150 happy C2, Concept and S1 owners had their helmets refreshed with new faceshields, visors, liners and other parts by the Schuberth Service Technician. Rally participants also got the opportunity to see and try on samples of the up-coming DOT version of the popular C3 which will be available in North American dealers this fall. For the technology buffs, Schuberth also presented the easy-to-install integrated bluetooth Schuberth Rider Communication (SRC) System. Get updates on Schuberth dealers by signing up online: Schuberth.com.

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Today started the international fire fighters fair Interschutz 2010 in Leipzig, Germany. The leading trade fair for the fire fighter industry take place every five years and is attracting an international audience. Till 5th of June our colleague will present our fire fighter helmets at our Schuberth stand.

The highlight of this year’s company exhibition is the world premiere of the prototype of the new fire fighter helmet F300. The helmet got a modern shape and a modular fitting system for the visor, the protective mask, the hearing protector or for the powerful helmet lamp, which can be easy handled.

We also present our new optimized helmet interior for the F220 and the traditional F130/F120. Learn more about the advantages of our new helmet by watching our new video.

By the way: Schuberth is celebrating the 50 year anniversary of fire fighter helmet construction. Here you can see a classic Schuberth fire fighter helmet from the year 1960.

Till the 5th of June you can visit our stand at the Interschutz, Hall 3, Booth C38. We look forward for your visit.

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Welcome to Schuberth Weblog

Dear visitor,

Welcome to the weblog of Schuberth GmbH. Today on 1st March 2010 it sees the light of day.  We want to give you some insight into the diversity of Schuberth, introduce new developments and intercommunicate with you, our customers, fans, journalists, bloggers and all interested parties.

Equipped with digital and video camera, we will be reporting from all areas of Schuberth – ranging from Formula 1 races, motorcycle rides up to fire-fighting operations.

Of course we look forward to any comments and suggestions and hope you have fun reading.

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Shortly before the start of the new Formula 1 season and in combination with Michael Schumacher’s comeback, our marketing and communication team has been asked repeatedly for factory tours and on-site stories. On 9th February the camera team of the TV channel MDR visited us and they were shown our plant and production.

As is customary with professional journalists, we had to keep an eye on setting limits to their curiosity – as some of our production methods have been and will be confidential. Nevertheless there are a lot of interesting insights into the helmet production and an interview with our CEO Marcel Lejeune.

Of course, we used our camera as well when walking through the production with the film-team.

Helmet parade:

View on the production hall:

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