Let´s ride! The international Ride Day on 3rd May means for the first time and for all the passionate women bikers in Germany: Driving on the Motorbike and showing, what we have. The Online-Magazine Fembike has set itself the goal to bring the Action day , which was establised in Canada 7 years ago, to Germany. Active women bikers, Clubs and Associations organize on this day special trips and activities for female riders. The aim is to show „how diverse the world of women bikers is“ describes the organisor Frauke Tietz. „That reinforces the solidarity amoung each other and should encourage at the same time other women to get enthusiastic about this wonderful hobby.“

We found this idea so fantastic, so that we absolutely wanted to support this action with great prices. All the participants, who have registered at fembike.de/female-ride-day-2014 will take automatically part in a draw. In total 3 C3 Pro Women will be drawed such as 10 Schuberth Softshell-jackets und 20 polo shirts.


After the trips the participants will be able to upload some pictures of their experiences and impressions. A lottery with high prices is a further peak of this action. Moreover, through the webside donations will be raised for the „Freiburger Verein AMICA e.V.“, which will be donated to women and girls in war areas.

The Female Ride Day has been founded in 2007 by The Canadian Vicky Gray.
She wanted to prove to the public: We, women ride motorcycle and there are many of us. More women should be encouraged to obtain their driving licence and to get a motorcycle – no matter which brand, which type and whether Sportler, Cruiser, Tourer or also Scooter. Each two motorized wheels are welcome. In the meantime the campaign is widespread throughout the world. In Israel and Iceland, in Russia and South Africa, everywhere around the globe the women bikers follow the Slogan: Just Ride!

We wish all the participants a great trip!

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