We are happy that we have been able to win the Chinese DTM pilot Cong Fu “Franky” Cheng for the circle of Schuberth race drivers. Cong Fu Cheng, in Europe also known as “Franky” to keep it simple, is a driver in the AMG Mercedes team and relies officially on our carbon helmet RF1 since last race at the Nürburgring. Franky ranks among the most successful motorsports people in China. He could already celebrate many achievements in different international Formula series und was part of the McLaren sponsorship program. In the DTM he is the first Chinese ever who started in the most popular European touring car series.

During a visit in our helmet manufactory Franky could take his new helmet directly out of the hands of our CEO Marcel Lejeune. Afterwards our Head of Production Christof Wobst showed and explained him how a motorcycle helmet is produced. Franky was impressed by how much manual work is needed.

We wish Franky a successful motorsport season 2010 and are happy to have such an excellent ambassador in China.

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