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Alonsos Birthday Helmet 2011

This year we prepared a new helmet for Fernando Alonso´s 30th Birthday on 29th of July.

As he´s a real Motorbike and Ducati-Fan (he´s driving a custom-made Desmosedici RR) we provided him with a custom-made Schuberth SR1 at the Race in Hungary.

Here are the pictures of the red SR1 and we hope some more pictures on the track will follow ! Congratulations to making 3rd in Budapest and Happy Birthday !

Fernando Alonso SR1_Birthday Helmet

Fernando Alonso SR1_Birthday Helmet

Fernando Alonso SR1_Birthday Helmet

Fernando Alonso SR1_Birthday Helmet

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Already spotted last week at the Wrooom-Event here are all the new helmets and designs of the Ferrari-Team for the 2011 season.

This is the new 2011 follow-up model Schuberth SF1, developed over the last year. The new SF1 will be delivered to all our sponsored drivers from DTM, Formula-1, GP2, Indycar and other series in the following weeks. And finally the SF1 will also be available for sale to interested Drivers from mid-2011 !

We will officially launch the helmet on our website, blog and facebook – you also can send us a mail to carracing@schuberth.com if you´re interested in buying a SF1 and we will keep you updated.

And now here is the complete set:






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The Ferrari Pit-Crew helmet

Schuberth has been developing and producing Formula 1 helmets since 1999. The first Schuberth helmet was introduced into the Formula 1 during the Grand Prix Monaco in 2000.

Since 2003 Schuberth has been the official partner of Scuderia Ferrari. In addition to the drivers’ helmets we also manufacture the Ferrari pit-crew helmets. Further developed from our motorcycle helmets, the pit-crew helmets were equipped with a special protection in the chin area.

And today we have taken the opportunity to have a look over our colleague’s shoulder while assembling such a pit-crew helmet.


Integration of the voice-communication:

Installation of the chin protector:

Completed helmet:

After the crew has practiced dozens of pit-stops, there is nothing that could go wrong.

Good look in Modena!

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