The “Grande Finale” of this year’s FIM Endurance World Championship – the 24-hour endurance race at the legendary Le Mans racetrack – places huge demands not only on man and machine, but also on the rider’s main piece of protective gear, his helmet!

This year the world title in the Superstock class went to the Penz13 Kraftwerk team of Rico Penzkofer with SR1 riders Arie Vos and Pedro Vallcaneras.

While the motorbikes were being put through their paces, the SR1 was going through an endurance test of its own.

Arie Vos: “Over such long race distances, it is absolutely essential that the helmet’s inner lining functions perfectly. The SR1’s lining guarantees a cool head, whatever the conditions. I hardly ever had the feeling that my head was sweating.”

An excellent second place on the podium went to Michael Bartholemy’s team, BMW Motorrad France, with featured rider Erwan Nigon. After a nerve-tingling race, the team finished second in the overall classification.

Erwan Nigon: “A 24-hour race places huge demands on the body, and especially on the neck muscles, which get strained by the wind pressure. The fantastic performance characteristics of the SR1 allow the helmet to remain stable in the wind, which takes the pressure off your neck. The ventilation also helped me to keep a cool head at all times.”

Next weekend Erwan Nigon will be at the Hockenheimring fighting for the IDM Superbike title. Once again he will be out to showcase his extraordinary talent and will be hoping to repay all the hard work put in by the Alpha Technik Van Zon BMW team of Werner Daemen by winning the title. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for you, Erwan!

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