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Impressions from Barcelona to Monaco

Our Racing Team sended us some impressions of their travel to Barcelona last week, where they arrived late at 1:30 a.m via plane.

Nico´s helmets on the conveyor belt at Barcelona.

and a shot from the truck at Barcelona with Henning and Sven.

And this is what it looks like when a stone hits a helmet at about 200mph (3rd training session at Barcelona, MSC-helmet)

Next week we will give you some more impressions from Monaco. Sven, Henning and Oliver told us about a very special foto shooting: helmets at the race track in Monaco.

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Formula-1 results Barcelona

1. Mark Webber, Red Bull, Arai – 25pts.

2. Fernando Alonso, Scuderia Ferrari, Schuberth – 18 pts.

3. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull, Arai – 15 pts.

Congratulations to everyone.

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The Formula 1 racing season officially begins on 13th March 2010 with the first race of the season in Bahrain. Prior to that on 2 weekends the teams have already tested their new bolides: first on 10th February in Jerez and from 25th to 28th February in Barcelona.

On board are our drivers Fernando Alonso, Michael Schumacher, Nico Huelkenberg, Nico Rossberg and Felipe Massa.

While the crews use the opportunity to optimize the last details of their racing cars, we use the time to test the latest development stage of our Formula 1 helmet under real conditions.

Pictures of Michael Schumacher with our black prototype of the Schuberth SF have already led to a lot of speculations on the internet amongst the Formula 1 fans. For this reason we want to provide some additional information:

In use are currently our two models RF1.7 and RF1.8 – the only difference is the size of the helmet shell.

Currently Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa are wearing the smaller helmet shell (RF1.8) whereas Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg and Nico Huelkenberg are using the bigger shell (RF1.7).

The already last year presented prototype SF1 will be constantly tested during the next months and will be further optimized following the driver’s requirements. Here the modified ventilation system is hardly to be overlooked.

At present the RF1 delivers 7 litres fresh air per second. A detailed description of the assembling and production of a Formula 1 helmet can be found on our website: www.schuberth.com/formula-1

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