that all Schuberth helmets are equipped with the additional safety feature A.R.O.S.?
AROS is the abbreviation of Anti Roll-Off-System. The system consists out of 2 additional safety strips which fixes the chin strips to the rear side of the helmet shell.


The A.R.O.S. ensures that in case of an accident the helmet cannot pivot of the head from behind. Beside this the system minimize the risk of a contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or throat of the rider. It also reduces the consequences of the helmet coming in contact with the chest of the driver.

ECE-Test setup

We test the safety characteristics of A.R.O.S. in our testlab on a regular basis. The test is done with a helmet fixed on an according test set. It is then coupled to a 10kg weigth via a deflection roller. The ECE-Standard specifies the weight to be dropped from 75cm height which pulls the helmet abruptly forward.

According to ECE-standard the helmet is allowed to pivot a maximum of 30degrees. Thanks to the AROS the Schuberth helmets pass this test with a maximum of 17 degrees – in the case you see in the picture we even reached 15 degrees.


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