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New Test Center at Wunderlich BMW

We are starting off into the new season with a new Schuberth test center. You will find the new test center at the headquarters of our cooperations partner Wunderlich in Sinzig. Anybody interested in Wunderlich motorcycles can now also take a look at our full range of helmets there. They can try out the Schuberth flip-up helmet C3 Pro, the full face helmet S2 and the Supersports helmet SR1 when they want to go for test rides.

We have thereby expanded our network of test centers with an interesting additional partner. You can find further test centers in Osterode (Germany), Schönheide (Germany), Ischgl (Austria) and Mallorca (Spain).

Enjoy the ride!

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Do Women Really Need Special Helmets?

Originally posted on Liz Janzen’s Blog

The Schuberth C3W, Fit for Women

The Schuberth C3W, Fit for Women

Schuberth is the only helmet manufacturer offering motorcycle helmets specially fitted for a woman’s unique head and facial structure. What might seem like a clever marketing tactic to some is actually providing a premium level of comfort and enhanced safety for women riders and passengers.

Many women have difficulty finding helmets small enough to fit, sometimes resorting to cheap, ill-fittng children’s helmets which are not designed for the adult anatomy. The C3 Pro Women can be sized down to an XXS (50cm) and the C3W is available for purchase down to XXS. Helmet fit is critical for comfort and safety and a woman should wear a helmet that fits without ‘snugging it up’ with a scarf or beanie underneath.

Another common problem is that a helmet that fits the crown of the head is too loose in the face area and moves around as helmets are not supposed to do. This is because women typically have a higher, more prominent cheekbone and narrower jaw. Schuberth’s C3 Pro Women and C3W have a specially contoured fit in the cheekpads to accommodate this female facial structure.

Studies* show that men have greater neck muscle strength than women, so women are particularly sensitive to helmet weight. Many women express relief when trying Schuberth helmets because of their lightweight and compact construction. In fact, the C3 Pro Women and C3W helmets are the lightest flip-up helmets available.

So whether you are a woman rider, passenger, or a man with a female passenger, we hope this information will help with your helmet shopping. Of course the women’s helmets, just like women’s gear, don’t necessarily fit 100% of women better than standard helmets, but it’s certainly worth looking into when trying to find the best, safest fitting helmet for yourself or your loved one.

Click here to read about the C3 Pro Women and C3W Helmets on Women Riders Now

Maximal isometric muscle strength of the cervical spine in healthy volunteers
Three-Dimensional Isometric Strength of Neck Muscles in Humans

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Andy Sills, Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills of Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills and his partner Erin Hunter are the land speed racing duo of Hunter Sills Racing. At this year’s International Motorcycle Speed Trials by BUB on the Bonneville Salt Flats, the duo swept 5 land speed records atop their BMW S1000RR. This was their first time outfitted in Schuberth SR1s at this event. Want to know what some of the fastest riders in the world think of Schuberth’s masterpiece helmet?

Read on…

“When you race a motorcycle over 200 miles per hour with your life partner, you want them protected by nothing but the absolute best – that’s why we chose the Schuberth SR1 for the 2013 race season.”

Hunter Sills Racing

Andy Sills Preps Erin Hunter for Her Run

The SR1 Experience at 200+ Miles an Hour

The Schuberth SR1 is like no other. It is a significant advancement in that tool which is the most critical component to my ride after the machine itself… that is, my helmet.  The ‘fit and finish” of the SR1 defines the standard by which all others will be judged.  The design, materials and construction of the SR1 have no equal.  The aerodynamic attributes are near perfection.  The physical fit on the rider’s head is indeed perfection…  The SR1 holds your head truly still with no slippage or movement regardless of your position in the air stream… it holds steadfastly steady, stable, neutral and this helmet nearly disappears from your awareness. The view and vision are natural, wide open and so crystal clear and distortion free that the windscreen likewise seems to disappear from your perception. This helmet leverages critical head position inspiring a command center presence in the hi-tech cockpit of my BMW SR1000 or K1300.

Andy Sills Ready to Race the BMW S1000RR

I have ridden in the SR1 now as my only helmet for the past six months. Over two different weeks during August at the SCTA’s ‘Speedweek’ as well as the BUB International Motorcycle Speed Trials, clad in the SR1 I made a dozen 220+mph passes over the 6 mile ‘long course’ at the Bonneville salt flats. Team Hunter Sills / San Diego BMW Motorcycles garnered two FIM World Records and three AMA National Records including a BMW Data Recorder (GPS) measured top speed of 236 mph (naturally aspirated) while achieving a 227 mph FIM certified average speed over the measured mile. The Schubert SR1 was my perfect command center. The SR1 became my ‘private world’, tucked in precisely positioned behind the aerodynamic foil shaped by our Catalyst Composites fairing – peaking just a quarter panel above the wind screen. Imagine: dead calm, no movement, no pressure, no lift… from my riders point of view, the SR1 remains virtually transparent to the ride.  The SR1 is the perfect final component in your quest for truth and peace in speed.  See photos of the SR1 in action at the Hunter Sills Facebook page. You’ll get the picture.

Andy Sills in aerodynamic position

Andy Sills Tucks in for Maximum Aerodynamics

More importantly in the past 4 months I have also put on an additional 8,000 miles of high speed, high desert, high plains real world back roads pleasure ripping across the country in my Schuberth SR1. The SR1 helmet leverages the rest of my riding gear with a commanding, serious, confident presence.  It holds my head in a firm nevertheless seemingly invisible grip such that my view thru the screen is like an extension of my naturally balanced head (over the course of a couple of thousand miles the SR1 molded to my head such that there are no pressure or hot spots, just an even, positive connection). The perspective from the SR1 is comprehensive but focused. Home is where your head is… welcome home to the Schuberth SR1.

Hunter Sills Racing Celebrating 5 New World Land Speed Records



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The motorcycle magazine “Motorrad News”, together with the experts from TÜV Rheinland tested a total of 12 helmets from different manufacturers in a noxious substances test (Issue 8 and 9/2013). Essentially, there was an emissions test, in which it was determined whether and to what extent noxious vapours were inhaled when wearing the helmet, and a noxious substances test, in which the contents of the different materials were determined. Five of the twelve helmets tested did not pass the emissions test.

Schuberth was one of the few manufacturers achieving the best marks:

“Clean thing: With a total of 185 µg/m³ volatile organic compounds, the test results of the Magdeburg caps are considerably below the limit of 500 µm/m³. In the emissions test, none of the substances fell into the hazardous classification; in the sniff test, the specialists recorded the Grade 1, therefore odourless.”

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“Very good” for Schuberth C3 Pro

“Very good” for Schuberth C3 Pro
The tester of the MOTORRAD magazine was driven over 3000 km wearing the new C3 Pro (Edition 18/2013). But best of all read here for yourself his good experience:

(start quote)

Tried Schuberth C3 Pro: THAT’S BETTER

A small add-on to the name makes all the difference:
The “Pro” in the name of the model is the telltale sign that a very good flip-up helmet has become even better.

The conclusion in the MOTORRAD flip-up helmet test 8/2012: “The C3 is still an excellent flip-up helmet, but it is no longer the gold standard for flip-up helmets. It is slowly beginning to show its age.”
The responsible persons of the Magdeburg helmet manufacturer Schuberth must have seen that in a similar way, as they developed the unofficial successor based on the C3, the C3 Pro. What sounds like a small model improvement, most other manufacturers would call a completely new construction. Not without good reason, as the inner shell of the helmet (for shock absorption), ventilation aerodynamics and acoustics have been improved with a large number of innovations.
And these are not only good in theory; they also can be recognised in practice.
The C3 Pro had the opportunity to demonstrate what it was capable of during a 3000 km tour straight through Germany (high proportion of motorway driving) plus a ride through the Alps: It sits much calmer, allows in less noise, is much better ventilated and is even a bit more comfortable.
From 595 Euro, and thereby nearly 100 Euro more expensive than the C3 that is still available, but it is noticeably better.

MOTORRAD verdict: Very Good

(end quote)

The only thing we can still add was that naturally the helmet shell design was reworked and optimised. This ultimately also accounted for its excellent aerodynamic properties even at high speeds. Furthermore, the C3 Pro has integrated antennas for improved Bluetooth and radio reception.


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