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The motorcycle magazine “Motorrad News”, together with the experts from TÜV Rheinland tested a total of 12 helmets from different manufacturers in a noxious substances test (Issue 8 and 9/2013). Essentially, there was an emissions test, in which it was determined whether and to what extent noxious vapours were inhaled when wearing the helmet, and a noxious substances test, in which the contents of the different materials were determined. Five of the twelve helmets tested did not pass the emissions test.

Schuberth was one of the few manufacturers achieving the best marks:

“Clean thing: With a total of 185 µg/m³ volatile organic compounds, the test results of the Magdeburg caps are considerably below the limit of 500 µm/m³. In the emissions test, none of the substances fell into the hazardous classification; in the sniff test, the specialists recorded the Grade 1, therefore odourless.”

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“Very good” for Schuberth C3 Pro

“Very good” for Schuberth C3 Pro
The tester of the MOTORRAD magazine was driven over 3000 km wearing the new C3 Pro (Edition 18/2013). But best of all read here for yourself his good experience:

(start quote)

Tried Schuberth C3 Pro: THAT’S BETTER

A small add-on to the name makes all the difference:
The “Pro” in the name of the model is the telltale sign that a very good flip-up helmet has become even better.

The conclusion in the MOTORRAD flip-up helmet test 8/2012: “The C3 is still an excellent flip-up helmet, but it is no longer the gold standard for flip-up helmets. It is slowly beginning to show its age.”
The responsible persons of the Magdeburg helmet manufacturer Schuberth must have seen that in a similar way, as they developed the unofficial successor based on the C3, the C3 Pro. What sounds like a small model improvement, most other manufacturers would call a completely new construction. Not without good reason, as the inner shell of the helmet (for shock absorption), ventilation aerodynamics and acoustics have been improved with a large number of innovations.
And these are not only good in theory; they also can be recognised in practice.
The C3 Pro had the opportunity to demonstrate what it was capable of during a 3000 km tour straight through Germany (high proportion of motorway driving) plus a ride through the Alps: It sits much calmer, allows in less noise, is much better ventilated and is even a bit more comfortable.
From 595 Euro, and thereby nearly 100 Euro more expensive than the C3 that is still available, but it is noticeably better.

MOTORRAD verdict: Very Good

(end quote)

The only thing we can still add was that naturally the helmet shell design was reworked and optimised. This ultimately also accounted for its excellent aerodynamic properties even at high speeds. Furthermore, the C3 Pro has integrated antennas for improved Bluetooth and radio reception.


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We are proud to announce, MOTORRAD magazine (Germany’s biggest motorcycle magazine) evaluated the C3 Pro recently and rated it “Very Good,” a top rating!

Original article and – translation:

Tested: Schuberth C3 Pro

It IS Better

A small name change signifies the difference: the “Pro” in the model description attests that an outstanding flip-up helmet has become even better.

2012 MOTORRAD Flip-Up Helmet Test concluded that “The C3 is still an excellent flip-up helmet, but it is an aging product that doesn’t set the benchmark in flip-up helmets anymore.” Schuberth recognized this too and based on the C3, developed its unofficial successor, the C3 Pro. What sounds like a simple upgrade, would be considered a complete reconstruction from other manufacturers.  Not entirely wrong, since the EPS (shock absorbing liner), ventilation, aerodynamics and acoustics have been treated to a host of improvements. And they aren’t just better in theory, but are noticeable in actual use. On a 3000 kilometer tour across Germany (plenty of Autobahn) plus criss-crossing the Alps, the C3 Pro proved what its got: its more stable, lets even less noise in, is noticeably better ventilated and even a bit more comfortable. Starting at 595 Euro the C3 Pro is almost 100 Euro more than the C3 which is still available, and for that, distinctly better.

MOTORRAD: Rating: Very Good

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Our charity auction for flood victims ended up with a great success: the total bids for all the 6 original worn Schuberth Formula 1 helmets amounted to 77,051.01 euros.

Today our CEO, Marcel Lejeune, was able to hand over the symbolic cheque to the Lord Mayor of the City of Magdeburg, Dr. Lutz Trümper.

We would like to thank all the bidders, who have contributed to this excellent result. We also want to express our gratitude to our Formula 1 drivers who have made with their helmets this auction possible.


Here are the results in detail:

#1 Michael Schumacher: 24,550.00 euros
#2 Ferando Alonso: 20,051.00 euros
#3 Nico Rosberg: 10,561.01 euros
#4 Felipe Massa: 9,550.00 euros
#5 Nico Hülkenberg: 7,449.00 euros
#6 Jules Bianchi: 4,890.00 euros

Michael Schumacher ends up with his nose in front of the competition and remains a favourite with fans and collectors after finishing his career.

More than 500 single bids have been placed from participants all over the world. The winning bids came finally from Japan, Italy and Germany.

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Charity-Auction for Flood Victims

Three weeks ago the Elbe flood arrived at the gate of our plant. The access roads were flooded and the electricity supply was no longer reliable. For two days we were forced to stop work.

Thanks to the support of thousands of personnel from the fire service, the relief agency THW, the German army and the countless volunteers, the worst could be staved off.


Not everyone was so fortunate though. Therefore we start from today until 14 July an unique Formula 1 Charity Auction for the flood victims. Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg and Jules Bianchi have each donated one original Formula 1 helmet worn at a race in the current 2013 season. The record-breaking World Champion and Schuberth development partner Michael Schumacher is also supporting the auction with an original Formula 1 helmet from his final 2012 season – an absolute rarity!

Michael Schumacher
Worn helmet in the 2012 season:
Spain GP, German GP, Singapore GP

Fernando Alonso
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP, Spain GP, Canada GP

Felipe Massa
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
China GP, Bahrain GP, Monaco GP

Nico Rosberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP

Nico Hülkenberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Malaysia GP, Bahrain GP

Jules Bianchi
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Spain GP, Canada GP

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