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Our helmets on canvas

We made a special edition of repro paintings printed on canvas for CEOs office and our meeting rooms.

As Robert put up the paintings we decided that they might look pretty stylish on other peoples wall also. So we decided to produce some more and offer them to fans and customers.

There are three ways to get hold of them: either you send me an email to timo.schneider@schuberth.com so I can send you the details (the canvas costs 79,–€, shipping costs depend on your home country),

you can drop me a comment here so i can give you the exact costs for shipping,

or you´ll buy them directly from our little facebook-store (based on payvment technology, which is still in beta mode. In this case, you can order from Germany only): Facebook shop .

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GPEC – the special helmet

Nice to see, that Lorenz Caffier, minister of the interior Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, was astonished as we handed out our special design of the Schuberth police helmet P100F to him, at the GPEC exhibition in Leipzig/Germany.

The helmet has a bullet-proof visor and is painted in the state colours of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and it contains the heraldic animals taurus and gryphon. Jens Munser, the formula-1 airbrush artist did all the great colour work here. Caffier told us, that the helmet will gain a special place at the ministry in Schwerin.

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GPEC, Leipzig – Police equipment fair

My colleagues are off to Leipzig, setting up our GPEC fair booth. The GPEC is Europes only police equipment exhibition and conference. Schuberth provides police helmets and specialised equipment, such as the C3 with built-in camera and LED for motorcycle police to several countries worldwide, including Greece and Germany.

As you can see both of them are really satisfied with our prescence on the GPEC, and of course there will be some RF1 formula 1 helmets also.

On Thursday there will be a presentation of a very special police helmet – which will also be shown on the blog. Just one word: Jens Munser does not only formula 1 helmets.

And for any kind of fan post to Jasmina (which obviously can be seen on the right): just drop us a comment.

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News from the north-american continent

Especially for our north-american readers we have two new stories that might be of interest:

Indy Grand Prix of Alabama – 1st Schuberth helmet in the US series.

As presented earlier Bertrand Baguette is one of our new race drivers and he did his debut at the IZOD indycar series last weekend at Barber Motorsports Park with our helmet – so this is our entry into the american race scene.

(Bertrand drives at Conquest Racing Team )

(the full picture of Bertrands helmet is here)

New canadian retailer added to dealer network

For all our canadian customers there´s is now a place to go. We cooperate with a québécois retailer. Please keep in mind that he will only sell ECE-certified helmets and there won´t be any DOT-certified helmets available. Be sure to check your states law if a DOT certification is needed where you live before buying and riding.

As for now the ECE-standard is accepted in Quebec, British Colombia and Newfoundland/Labrador .

6695 St-Jacques
H4B 1V3 Montréal, QC

Homepage: www.motointer.com

Please also be aware that an Ontario court rejected religious exemption to motorcycle helmet law (as can be read here) ;-)

Judge Blacklock was told that, in order to disprove a Crown theory that turbans unravel at high speed and cause accidents, Mr. Badesha drove around Cayuga Speedway at 110 kilometres an hour (unfortunatley no photo available).

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Last week a group of polish motorcycle-journalists did visit us at Magdeburg. Poland has 38 mio. residents and 1 mio. registered bikes – so they are really sophisticated bikers. With Robert Kubica they also have a formula-1 pilot who just made 2nd place in Melbourne, unfortunately he´s not wearing a Schuberth yet.

Thank you for visiting us:

Lech Potynski of Swiat Motocykli magazine

Jacek Ociepko and Jaroslaw Modrzejewski of Motocykl magazine

Grzegorz Derlukiewicz of motogen.pl

and Magda Krasicka of scigacz.pl (http://bit.ly/d8f2vB)

We don´t want to be pre-emptive, but they seemed to like it at Magdeburg, even though our white smock isn´t all that fashionable (Magda Karasicka):

One thing´s for sure: everything has been examined thouroughly  (Lech Potynski):

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