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Indy 500: Bell trusts in Schuberth

Today we received a kindly mail from our newest U.S. driver Townsend Bell who will start at the world famous Indy 500 with a Schuberth carbon helmet. Townsend is a specialist in oval racing and has lots of experiences as driver in the former Champ Car World Series and Indy Car series. Please read directly from Townsend first impressions about his first test with a Schuberth.

“Sven and Marcel

Today was my first chance to test with the helmet at Indy.

I want to let you know that you have the finest helmet available on the market. A few pleasant surprises:

- The quality of the visor seal and locking system is terrific. At 230 mph this is really important. Every time I lock the visor leaving the pits I feel like I’m shutting the door on a mercedes s class. A very reasuring thud!

- the helmet is much quieter at top speed which makes the drive more enjoyable and noticably improves voice quality with the pits in both directions.

- with the sizing adjustment, it’s also very comfortable. Thanks Sven!!

- tearoffs posts are nicely designed and can accomodate a thick stack while achieving a strong tension

Overall a great first experience.  And of course the best part is your strong focus on safety.

Thanks for supporting us.

And please follow qualifying and race over the next several days at IndyCar.com.

Very best regards


This is his new helmet:

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DTM: 1st Race – Bruno made second place

The 25th of April the DTM started its season on the Hockenheim circuit. With our newest driver Bruno Spengler and with Ralf Schumacher we have two Schuberth-drivers at the DTM.

Bruno started at 3rd place and finished 2nd with his best season-start so far, and we´d like to wish him all the best for the upcoming Valencia race.

Ralf Schumacher made 9th place. His helmet was also designed by Jens Munser who had a hard time delivering all the helmets needed in each of the race series.

Ralf actually wears two different designs – one with a glossy and one matt finish. Our photo show the glossy one.

We´ll show you all our new helmets in the upcoming days – so be prepared for more Schuberth race helmets with awesome designs.

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New Driver: Bruno Spengler, DTM

Today we´d like to welcome a new race-driver as a Schuberth-driver:

Bruno Spengler (http://www.brunospengler.com) enters the new season with his new helmet:

The helmet was designed by Pat from Quebec. Obviously it was his first Schuberth:

“Unfortunately I can’t compare the fit and finish of the Schuberth as they sent me only the outer shell in a bare carbon. The only thing I can say is that the shell is extremely light, lighter than a BELL HP3.”

The offical press conference introducing drivers and teams will be at the 18.04.2010. The first race will be at the 24.04.2010 – we wish him much success.

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New driver: Bertrand Baguette

Visit at Magdeburg: Bertrand Baguette (http://www.bertrand-baguette.com/) wears a Schuberth RF1 from now on.

Bertrand won the 2009 World Series by Renault (Team Draco) and we are happy to support a new promising race-talent.

Our CEO Marcel Lejeune with Bertrand – from one Belgian to the other:

Final fitting and souvenir shot

And this is the final polishing:

With Bertrand we now have 10 race-drivers wearing our helmets:

http://www.michael-schumacher.de /formula 1

http://www.nicorosberg.com /formula 1

http://www.fernandoalonso.com /formula 1

http://www.felipemassa.com /formula 1

http://www.nicohulkenberg.net /formula 1

http://www.nickheidfeld.com/formula 1

http://www.bertrand-baguette.com/ Formule Renault 3.5

http://www.ralf-schumacher.de/ DTM

http://www.jules-bianchi.com/ GP2

http://www.christian-vietoris.com /GP2

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