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THE RACB-Team – Young SF1-Drivers

Since several years we do support the RACB – The national Team of Royal Automotive Club Belgium.
Three of the belgian drivers are supported with our SF1 auto racing helmet!:

Bertrand Baguette will race in the WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship) in 2013
Maxime Martin does race GT1 and Endurance Series
Stoffel Vandoorne will race in the Formel Renault 3.5 but much more promising is his acceptance to the Mclaren Young Driver Programme

For the new season we had the chance to collect some shots of the guys and some great sets with the Schuberth SF1 – Good luck to you for 2013 !

Stoffel_Visier halb offen

Vandoorne 8


Full set on Flickr: *click*

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Susie Wolff – Schuberth female driver No.3

Welcome to Schuberth Susie Wolff !

With Susie we´re supplying the Schuberth SF1 racing helmet to another female racedriver

With Claudia Hürtgen (ADAc GTMasters), Danica Patrick (IndyCar Series) it´s the third women driving on the race circuits of the world with our helmet – and we´re really proud of all three!.

Susie became official test-driver for the Williams Formula-1 team this year and drives DTM since years (2006-2012 for Mercedes Benz). With the official presentation of the new Williams formula-1 racecar she did send us over some nice shots:



And a succesful season to you Susie!

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# 3 Did you know… A.R.O.S.

that all Schuberth helmets are equipped with the additional safety feature A.R.O.S.?
AROS is the abbreviation of Anti Roll-Off-System. The system consists out of 2 additional safety strips which fixes the chin strips to the rear side of the helmet shell.


The A.R.O.S. ensures that in case of an accident the helmet cannot pivot of the head from behind. Beside this the system minimize the risk of a contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or throat of the rider. It also reduces the consequences of the helmet coming in contact with the chest of the driver.

ECE-Test setup

We test the safety characteristics of A.R.O.S. in our testlab on a regular basis. The test is done with a helmet fixed on an according test set. It is then coupled to a 10kg weigth via a deflection roller. The ECE-Standard specifies the weight to be dropped from 75cm height which pulls the helmet abruptly forward.

According to ECE-standard the helmet is allowed to pivot a maximum of 30degrees. Thanks to the AROS the Schuberth helmets pass this test with a maximum of 17 degrees – in the case you see in the picture we even reached 15 degrees.


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#2 Did you know…? Testing

…that Schuberth uses it´s own testing facility ?

While already in development and pre-series our helmets are thoroughly tested in our own certified testing facility. In serial production we also pick control samples on a daily basis.

SR1 pretests

Test laboratory

At the test lab we have 5 different test rigs to test for different certifications as ECE (Europe), DOT (USA), or SNEEL and FIA norm (racing). Part of the test programm is dropping the helmets on different shaped anvils from different heights. Besides the shock absorption capabilities all movable parts are tested for durability.

Anvil_test SR1

Not only our Motorcycle helmets are tested in our facility, but it also allows to test our other products such as Firefighter, Police and Work protection helmets. And one promise is the same no matter which helmet is tested: It´s not enough to meet the values from regulations and norms, we want to stay on top of them!


FW-Engulfment_test II

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#1 Did you know…Winter ventilation

… the ventilation of Schuberth helmets can be adjusted to summer and winter positions?

Dear Schuberth friends,

in 2013 we´re going to post about interesting background information on Schuberth, our products and motorcycling in general on a regular basis.

According to the season, at least in central Europe, we`d like to start the new series “Did you know…?” with the winter option of our helmets. We know many of you are driving the motorcycle even during the winter season as long as the traffic conditions are good enough. And for this the ventilation of the Schuberth helmets C3 Pro, C3 and S2 can also be adjusted to suit the colder season.

Please take a look to the front part of the crown liner and you’ll discover fabric flaps behind the front section.


In the colder season you can reduce the volume of incoming cold air, or divert it, by covering the ventilation channels with the flaps of the crown liner.


By doing this little trick you can use the top ventilation even during the winter without having the cold air flow directly onto your head.

In addition to this we recommend wearing safety vest during the dark season for higher visibility. Have a safe trip!

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