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Our charity auction for flood victims ended up with a great success: the total bids for all the 6 original worn Schuberth Formula 1 helmets amounted to 77,051.01 euros.

Today our CEO, Marcel Lejeune, was able to hand over the symbolic cheque to the Lord Mayor of the City of Magdeburg, Dr. Lutz Trümper.

We would like to thank all the bidders, who have contributed to this excellent result. We also want to express our gratitude to our Formula 1 drivers who have made with their helmets this auction possible.


Here are the results in detail:

#1 Michael Schumacher: 24,550.00 euros
#2 Ferando Alonso: 20,051.00 euros
#3 Nico Rosberg: 10,561.01 euros
#4 Felipe Massa: 9,550.00 euros
#5 Nico Hülkenberg: 7,449.00 euros
#6 Jules Bianchi: 4,890.00 euros

Michael Schumacher ends up with his nose in front of the competition and remains a favourite with fans and collectors after finishing his career.

More than 500 single bids have been placed from participants all over the world. The winning bids came finally from Japan, Italy and Germany.

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Charity-Auction for Flood Victims

Three weeks ago the Elbe flood arrived at the gate of our plant. The access roads were flooded and the electricity supply was no longer reliable. For two days we were forced to stop work.

Thanks to the support of thousands of personnel from the fire service, the relief agency THW, the German army and the countless volunteers, the worst could be staved off.


Not everyone was so fortunate though. Therefore we start from today until 14 July an unique Formula 1 Charity Auction for the flood victims. Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg and Jules Bianchi have each donated one original Formula 1 helmet worn at a race in the current 2013 season. The record-breaking World Champion and Schuberth development partner Michael Schumacher is also supporting the auction with an original Formula 1 helmet from his final 2012 season – an absolute rarity!

Michael Schumacher
Worn helmet in the 2012 season:
Spain GP, German GP, Singapore GP

Fernando Alonso
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP, Spain GP, Canada GP

Felipe Massa
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
China GP, Bahrain GP, Monaco GP

Nico Rosberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP

Nico Hülkenberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Malaysia GP, Bahrain GP

Jules Bianchi
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Spain GP, Canada GP

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+++ SCHUBERTH flood news +++

Today Schuberth has started production again!

At this point we´d like to say “Thank You” to all the fire fighters, THW and German soldiers.

Our very special thanks go to the countless volunteers, who helped – and are still helping – with tireless determination and a wonderful solidarity to secure the river banks.

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RiderEcall is available at retailers!

Our new and first emergency call system for motorcycle riders has arrived at retailers. The new Schuberth RiderEcall is available from now at specialized retailers and at all Louis stores.

RiderEcall POS 2

A presentation display has been especially created for the new system: an explanation video is being played on the integrated video-screen and a 6 pages- flyer provides an overview and all the informations about the product.
Of course the sellers are at your disposal to advise you. And they are highly motivated, as you can see here at Börjes Biker Outfit in Augustfehn.

RiderEcall POS

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With the SR1 into the IDM- season 2013

The waiting is over. With the first free practise in the class of superbikes at the Lausitzring, the IDM has heralded the motorsport season 2013.

Our test pilots Erwan Nigon (Van Zon Remeha BMW), Arie Vos (Van Zon Remeha BMW) and Stefan Nebel (BMW Wilbers Racing) have already driven their first laps at the Lausitzring. Our Schuberth Racing-coordinator Robert has personally handed the new helmets, so that our drivers make a successful start into the new season.

Arie Vos - Stefan Nebel - Erwan Nigon

We particularly look forward to an exciting duel between the reigning German Champion Erwan Nigon and the two-times German Champion Stefan Nebel (both BMW).

May the best win!

Stefan Nebel vs. Erwan Nigon

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