The motorcycle magazine “Motorrad News”, together with the experts from TÜV Rheinland tested a total of 12 helmets from different manufacturers in a noxious substances test (Issue 8 and 9/2013). Essentially, there was an emissions test, in which it was determined whether and to what extent noxious vapours were inhaled when wearing the helmet, and a noxious substances test, in which the contents of the different materials were determined. Five of the twelve helmets tested did not pass the emissions test.

Schuberth was one of the few manufacturers achieving the best marks:

“Clean thing: With a total of 185 µg/m³ volatile organic compounds, the test results of the Magdeburg caps are considerably below the limit of 500 µm/m³. In the emissions test, none of the substances fell into the hazardous classification; in the sniff test, the specialists recorded the Grade 1, therefore odourless.”

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