“Very good” for Schuberth C3 Pro
The tester of the MOTORRAD magazine was driven over 3000 km wearing the new C3 Pro (Edition 18/2013). But best of all read here for yourself his good experience:

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Tried Schuberth C3 Pro: THAT’S BETTER

A small add-on to the name makes all the difference:
The “Pro” in the name of the model is the telltale sign that a very good flip-up helmet has become even better.

The conclusion in the MOTORRAD flip-up helmet test 8/2012: “The C3 is still an excellent flip-up helmet, but it is no longer the gold standard for flip-up helmets. It is slowly beginning to show its age.”
The responsible persons of the Magdeburg helmet manufacturer Schuberth must have seen that in a similar way, as they developed the unofficial successor based on the C3, the C3 Pro. What sounds like a small model improvement, most other manufacturers would call a completely new construction. Not without good reason, as the inner shell of the helmet (for shock absorption), ventilation aerodynamics and acoustics have been improved with a large number of innovations.
And these are not only good in theory; they also can be recognised in practice.
The C3 Pro had the opportunity to demonstrate what it was capable of during a 3000 km tour straight through Germany (high proportion of motorway driving) plus a ride through the Alps: It sits much calmer, allows in less noise, is much better ventilated and is even a bit more comfortable.
From 595 Euro, and thereby nearly 100 Euro more expensive than the C3 that is still available, but it is noticeably better.

MOTORRAD verdict: Very Good

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The only thing we can still add was that naturally the helmet shell design was reworked and optimised. This ultimately also accounted for its excellent aerodynamic properties even at high speeds. Furthermore, the C3 Pro has integrated antennas for improved Bluetooth and radio reception.


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