Three weeks ago the Elbe flood arrived at the gate of our plant. The access roads were flooded and the electricity supply was no longer reliable. For two days we were forced to stop work.

Thanks to the support of thousands of personnel from the fire service, the relief agency THW, the German army and the countless volunteers, the worst could be staved off.


Not everyone was so fortunate though. Therefore we start from today until 14 July an unique Formula 1 Charity Auction for the flood victims. Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa, Nico Rosberg, Nico Hülkenberg and Jules Bianchi have each donated one original Formula 1 helmet worn at a race in the current 2013 season. The record-breaking World Champion and Schuberth development partner Michael Schumacher is also supporting the auction with an original Formula 1 helmet from his final 2012 season – an absolute rarity!

Michael Schumacher
Worn helmet in the 2012 season:
Spain GP, German GP, Singapore GP

Fernando Alonso
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP, Spain GP, Canada GP

Felipe Massa
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
China GP, Bahrain GP, Monaco GP

Nico Rosberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Australia GP, Malaysia GP

Nico Hülkenberg
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Malaysia GP, Bahrain GP

Jules Bianchi
Worn helmet in the 2013 season
Spain GP, Canada GP

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