The City of Aliso Viejo recently interviewed Randy Northrup
Vice President of Schuberth North America.

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Aliso Viejo: Featured Business of the Month

Featured Business of the Month

Aliso Viejo is proud to be home to a vast business landscape that houses corporations from countless industries including one that’s manufacturers Formula 1 racing helmets. Read about Schuberth North America here.

Schuberth North America

Schuberth GmbH is a 90-year-old helmet engineering and manufacturing company in Germany. Several years ago an independent importer temporarily distributed the helmets in the United States but didn’t push the business much and eventually stopped. Subsequently, Schuberth’s new CEO decided to open their own satellite office to serve North American instead of going through another independent importer. Randy Northrup was tapped to head up the Schuberth North America business and he opened the Aliso Viejo office three years ago.

Schuberth GmbH develops and manufactures “head protection systems” for a laundry list of industries such as mining, forestry, electrician, fire fighting, police, military, industrial safety but the company is best known worldwide for the Formula 1 racing helmets and motorcycle helmets. The North American operation focuses primarily on motorcycle products, auto racing products, and law enforcement.

The company doesn’t sell direct to end customers from the Aliso Viejo office but instead supplies a network of independent dealers in the U.S.A. and Canada. Recently, Randy Northrup took some time out of his busy day to share a little bit about the business and community.

Q.) Why did you choose this city to do business in?

A.) The location was selected because it’s near a major airport; the office/warehouse configuration we have here was difficult to find in other places; the office rents here are more reasonable than in other places; and, of course, Aliso Viejo is a beautiful location offering many stores and restaurants for our employees and customers.

Q.) What is the best part of doing business in Aliso Viejo and do any of your employees live here?

A.) All of the same reasons listed above – also because we have had tremendous support from the city. There are currently 4 out of our 7 in-office employees who live in Aliso Viejo.

Q.) What do you see as challenges and opportunities within your field and for businesses in general?

A.) When we first opened up the economy was lagging challenged us as a new business looking to expand rapidly. Our challenge is brand recognition.  In Europe, the Schuberth Brand is well known and respected as the best.  In North America, we are not a common brand name.

Q.) Is the company involved in or give back to the local community in any way?

A.) We have been working on special programs for outfitting the local police force. We have also engaged the community for celebrations of special events like our grand opening and 1-year anniversary celebration. Our controller is active in helping out with activities at her son’s Aliso Viejo school.

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