Learn Tips for Pinlock Lens Installation and adjustment

Face shield with Pinlock
Face Shield with Pinlock

Your Schuberth helmet came prepared for installation of the included Pinlock anti-fog lens. This is the best way to eliminate fog and maintain clear visibility as the temperatures drop.

The Pinlock Lens is a clear piece of plastic fit specifically for your Schuberth face shield that has a silicone bead around the edge on one side. It is held onto the face shield under pressure from the “pins” and then sealed with the silicone bead.

If you haven’t installed the Pinlock lens yet, remember that the the silicone seal is placed against the inside of the face shield.

If you experience any fogging in the area where the Pinlock lens sits, it is mostly likely out of position and creating a gap where moisture and fog can get in. Should this be the case, first try simply pushing the lens back into the proper sealed position with your thumb, then run your finger all the way around it to ensure it is sealed in all areas.

Finally, check the position of the adjustable pins to ensure proper tension on the lens.  This will ensure that the lens stays in the proper position, maintaining a good seal.

And one final very important tip!
Be sure to remove the (greenish) protective film before riding!
The Pinlock lens should be perfectly clear.

For more information, Click here for the step-by-step process with images.

Safe riding!

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