Schuberth recently unveiled the carbon-fiber SF1 auto racing helmet in North American and is taking orders and doing custom fitments for qualified drivers.  The SF1 features the same safety, comfort and protection worn and proven over the past decade by Formula 1 drivers Michael Schumacher, Felipe Massa, Fernando Alonso, Nico Rosberg, Nick Heidfeld, IndyCar driver Townsend Bell and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick.

“When Schuberth came to North America, drivers such as Townsend Bell started to research and inquire about our helmets based on recommendations from experts in head injury science,” reports Randy Northrup, Schuberth North America’s Vice President. “Globally our helmets are recognized as the best available and other top drivers have recently contacted us, including Charlie Kimball and Danica Patrick.”

The 16-layer Toray 1000 Carbon Fiber Schuberth SF1 comes with a simple self-extinguishing paint that is suitable for custom graphics and painting and is fully lined with flame-resistant Nomex®fabric. The SF1 exceeds the stringent FIA 8860-2004 and Snell SA/2005 safety requirements, has a dual-position locking face shield, and is adaptable to open wheel or closed cockpit ventilation.

Schuberth recently partnered with Townsend Bell, Inc. to represent Schuberth in the auto racing marketplace, naming Chad Liberto as the field rep for the SF1. Liberto has over a decade of experience as the technical liaison to professional race car drivers in North America, and has worked at the forefront of developing safer, more comfortable technical racing gear. “The arrival of Schuberth’s SF1 technology in the North American racing market will forever change the way drivers look at their head protection. This is an exciting opportunity for race car drivers on this side of the pond to see, touch, and feel the technology Schuberth puts into their auto racing helmets,” he says.

Details and specs on the SF1:

Interested drivers are invited to contact Schuberth North America to arrange a custom fitment consultation:

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