Some of you might have already seen it – we´re rebuilding our Global Website ! Since last week we continously publsih new and redesigned areas of our Website We´re starting with the global website but will also rebuild our NorthAmerican Website soon, and you´ll be able to see more features, more content and interesting insights into the Schuberth company.

In the upcoming days we´d like to introduce some new Areas of the Website in-detail and today we start a mini-series on our Weblog with an Interview-Series about the SR1:

In den nächsten Tagen möchten wir eine kleine Serie über die neuen Bereiche unserer Website schreiben und starten heute mit der Interviewserie rund um den SR1:

At you can explore the SR1 in a 360-degree view:


But we also included presentations of the helmets development and features from aeroaccustics to aerodynamics – from ventilation to visor, brought to you by our engineering-team.

To access the Interviews simply click the blue hotspots on our helmet-model and you can see our Vice President, our Head of Design and our Head of Engineering talking about the ideas behind this Super-Sport helmet.



Have fun watching !

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