On Saturday 09/04/2011 3 teams of TFA Göttingen lined up at the Berlin Fire Fighter Stairrun. Of course, our world champions Joachim Posanz and Alexander Meyer, teamed up for the competition as partners.


In this contest you didn´t need any special equipment or extreme power. Endurance, speed and teamwork with a good partner are most important for this challenge.


From start on the Alexanderplatz to the finish line on the observation deck of the hotel a distance of approximately 300 meters running track and 39 floors (770 steps) had to be mastered. Our firefighters had to run in full gear with an attached face mask !

A strong will was required to get to the end and to the observation deck of the Park Inn Hotel in approximately 110 meters!


Visible relief and joy on the faces of Alexander Posanz Joachim Meyer, after the observation deck was reached. The way down was a little faster … They were roped down 110 meters at the outside of the hotel.

05_Weg runter

Of the competing teams 197 made it in the ranking. Joachim Posanz and Alexander Meyer reached this year the 1 place with an incredible time of 06:09,6 minutes, followed by a team from Poland, who arrived only 2 seconds later.


The next contest, the TFA European Championship takes place on 10./11. June 2011 in Mönchengladbach.

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