In March we presented for the first time our new car racing helmet SF1 to the participants of the Brasilian Porsche GT3 Cup, which took place in Estoril / Portugal. Nice people, good atmosphere and great cars!

Porsche GT3 Brasil Cup 096

Have a look at the beautiful painted car of Benny Lago, who is a Schuberth enthusiast and takes part in the Brasilian Porsche GT3 challenge. Benny is one of the first passionate drivers wearing a Schuberth SF1 – and he was thrilled by the wearing comfort and the design of the helmet !

Porsche GT3 Brasil Cup 058

We were present at the Estoril racing track on Friday before the Race and many drivers took the opportunity to discover the SF1, to try the helmet and to have a chat. They were excited to hear that Schuberth sells the helmet and for sure we will see one or the other wearing the SF1 during the next races.
If you are interested in your own SF1 contact us at !

Porsche GT3 Brasil Cup 044

Porsche GT3 Brasil Cup 025

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