Last week a group of polish motorcycle-journalists did visit us at Magdeburg. Poland has 38 mio. residents and 1 mio. registered bikes – so they are really sophisticated bikers. With Robert Kubica they also have a formula-1 pilot who just made 2nd place in Melbourne, unfortunately he´s not wearing a Schuberth yet.

Thank you for visiting us:

Lech Potynski of Swiat Motocykli magazine

Jacek Ociepko and Jaroslaw Modrzejewski of Motocykl magazine

Grzegorz Derlukiewicz of

and Magda Krasicka of (

We don´t want to be pre-emptive, but they seemed to like it at Magdeburg, even though our white smock isn´t all that fashionable (Magda Karasicka):

One thing´s for sure: everything has been examined thouroughly  (Lech Potynski):

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